This is a NSFW / Bear free zone (being a bit of one myself) , though all are welcome to follow and contribute smooth gym rats and twinks . This a place where naturally smooth boys and boys who shave or trim down their body hair hang out to show off and share their ripped lean slim clean smooth tight cut bodies in all their super defined fat free beauty. There may be TOTAl nudity. There may even be SEXUAL activities displayed. So if you are not of legal age where you are to see that sort of thing hit your back button now and go no further. I do not own most of these visual depictions. Most will just be reblogs from other blogs, or websites. If you find something that belongs to you and would rather it not be in my blog space let me know and I will try to figure out how take it down. Based on the theme the content is going to be mainly TWINKS as they tend toward smooth and slim naturally and also gym rats cuz they are the shavers who want show off their hard work at getting all that beautiful lean muscle definition. and nudist or exhibitionists. I am so psyched we are in a time of the SELFIE. So many hot boys with camera phones showing off. I would love for my blog followers to contribute on topic submissions of pix or stories or bios and especially descriptions of what turns you on about a smooth tight defined young male body. I also love to post the hardons of my followers from checking out the content of the blog the juicier the better, cum shot my favorite. So if you are of legal age and like what I like come on in, get naked , hang out, share your stories, tell us about yourself. We are all men with something in common. Lets bond. Let's see who can post the hottest stuff that makes each other hard. Send hot videos so we can have a wank together. Let's get a good circle jerk going.